Charley Bryant

Relationship coach

I work with mum's to Reignite The Spark in their relationship After Kids

Have you had kids but now find yourself & your partner disconnected, snappy, tired & stuck in the routine of life, just getting by? Unable to effectively communicate & feeling increasingly resentful & frustrated.

I help women to change their mindset, understand their partner, learn tools in healthy communication & build deep connection & confidence within themselves for lasting change & happiness

Hey lovely, 

Are you ready to build a deep sense of knowing, accepting & loving yourself so that you can communicate your needs with your partner healthily? 

Sick of the shitty habits you’ve created to numb and distract yourself from the sadness of your disconnected relationship- like over eating, drinking, overworking

Want to learn how to understand your partner fully so you don’t react from a place of resentment and build deep connection, intimacy & love instead


Work on the communication so you can come back to each other building safety, respect & a sense of value & appreciation 

Re ignite the spark in the bedroom creating the passion, desire & connection you deserve

Empowering. Supportive. Life changing.

Coaching Beautiful  Mum’s to start to make massive changes in their relationship showing their children a healthy, happy love & feeling connected, supported & valued by their partner.  

How I Can Help You Live The Life You Deserve!

One on One weekly Coaching. 1/1.5 hours 
16 week online program

In my 16 week online program with optional online group coaching sessions we work through the essential pillars of healthy and thriving relationships.

Knowing Yourself

Knowing your partner


Intimacy & Connection 

We go deep into these creating knowledge, understanding and the tools to use this awareness effectively. 

It creates a deep love and acceptance of self- which is essential in allowing your partner to know and love you on that level too. 

After kids we get on the merry go round of surviving, getting by, lack of sleep, energy & motivation, and taking our sadness & frustration out on each other. You learn the tools to both take accountability & responsibility for making yourself happy, and when you come together both full- magic happens. 

Community & Connection Through Meet Ups

I hold women’s get together’s, online and in person for women to share & support each other with questions, advice, sharing- and fun! 

One thing I believe is so important for women to thrive is to have a team of other like minded & supportive women behind them 100%. Were not always going to feel a million dollars, we will have doubts & days where we feel shitty & stuck, and that’s why it’s my mission to build a group of fellow cheerleaders to always have someone to lift us up when were feeling down.

You get this through our FB community, with our fortnightly meet ups, and women’s circles (via zoom and in person) to build friendships, community & support <3

As a mother of 2 beautiful but full on children,  survivor of a DV marriage, divorcee, dating connoisseur & living in a different country to my family, I’ve overcome my share of struggles & insecurity- but I’ve also learnt from it. 


I know what it’s like to feel lonely, lost, unworthy & stuck in your relations- burnt out, unappreciated and at a complete loss of how to get out of the rut. Missing your partner and the connection you once had.

Change is easier than you think, and more possible than you can imagine when you have someone guiding you. 

I see you.  


YOUR number 1 cheerleader! 

Charley Bryant

One of the hardest things in the world at the moment is the loneliness and isolation. Feeling lost and stuck, unsure of yourself and what your capable of, & feeling like you don’t have anyone to fall back on. No one to help you see everything you are, everything you do, everything you can be. 

I’ll be the mirror you need to remind yourself just how amazing and limitless you are. You’re a QUEEN, and I won’t let you forget it. 


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